Meme-chan Sadness Noodles

A site made by a sadness noodle enthusiast.

What is a meme noodle and why are they sad?

Meme noodles are Maruchan instant noodles. I combined meme and Maruchan to form Meme-chan. The oldest usage of the phrase "meme-chan sadness noodles" on Homelab came from me on the 20th of June where I was discussing ramen in offtopic.

What is the best flavor of meme noodles?

Beef. Chicken is a close second.

How do I cook Meme-chan Sadness Noodles?

Programmed in VS Code by hand (with Bootstrap to make it look good) because I hate myself. Made by icomputer7 in 2018. OC please do not steal. Uptime: 2 day(s) 19 hour(s) 43 minute(s)
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